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Calibrate with Precision. Drive with Confidence.

Calibrated for Safety

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have become the standard for automotive safety over the years and this means the need for accurate and precise calibrations is more essential than ever before.
At Premier ADAS, we understand the importance of your safety and the safety of others on the road. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced technology and services to ensure that your vehicle’s ADAS functions properly.
Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to provide accurate and precise calibration for all ADAS systems. From lane departure warning to adaptive cruise control, we can help you with any calibration needs.
Our team consists of highly trained technicians who specialize in ADAS calibration. They have the knowledge and expertise to perform precise and accurate calibrations, ensuring that your vehicle’s ADAS systems are functioning at their optimal level.

What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) refers to a set of technologies that are designed to assist drivers in operating their vehicles more safely and efficiently.

ADAS technologies use sensors, cameras, and other devices to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and provide feedback to the driver, such as warnings of potential hazards, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warnings. ADAS is intended to assist drivers and reduce the risk of accidents; improving safety for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

Common ADAS Systems & Features

Automatic Emergency Braking
Automatically engages braking system when an impeding collision is detected.
Blind Spot Detection
Monitors blind spots and alerts driver when an obstacle is present.
Lane Departure Warning
Alerts driver when they have drifted from designated lane without proper signaling.
Adaptive Headlights
Adjusts lamp’s brightness and/or positioning to improve visibility in low light conditions.
Pedestrian Detection
Alerts driver when a pedestrian has been detected in their path of travel.
Collision Avoidance System
Detects risk of collision and automatically engages brake system to avoid crash.

The Importance of Calibration

ADAS calibration is a crucial aspect of maintaining the safety and effectiveness of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Less than one degree of misalignment is enough to create problems with a vehicle’s ADAS features. Proper calibration guarantees that the vehicle’s sensors are accurately adjusted, aligned, and communicating. Without accurate calibration, these systems may not function as intended, leading to potentially hazardous situations. As vehicles become more complex and rely more heavily on ADAS technologies, proper calibration becomes increasingly important to maintain the safety and reliability of these systems. Calibration needs are dependent on vehicle and situation and are often undetectable by the naked eye. This is why it is critical that ADAS calibration is performed by trained technicians using the appropriate equipment and procedures to ensure accurate and consistent results.

Your ADAS Calibration Experts

ADAS calibrations are extremely technical and require the right experience, advanced equipment, and proper training. Experienced technicians play a crucial role in ensuring that ADAS systems are accurately calibrated to provide maximum safety and performance. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and training in the latest ADAS technologies, as well as the tools and equipment required to perform accurate calibrations. At Premier ADAS, we follow a calibration repair plan that accounts for OEM procedures and best practices, and thorough testing is always done to ensure that all ADAS systems are completely functional before delivering a vehicle back to your facility. Our expertise and attention to detail helps ensure that drivers can operate their vehicles with confidence, knowing that their ADAS systems are accurately calibrated and working as intended.

A dedicated Calibration Facility

Our 4200 square foot facility is devoted entirely to performing vehicle calibrations, allowing us to offer more efficient and affordable ADAS solutions. The shop space is equipped with certified flooring that exceeds OEM requirements for calibration as well as advanced, controllable lighting. This type of controlled environment is essential to perform successful, precise calibrations, free from obstruction and interference that often comes with a traditional auto repair shop environment.

We are equipped with the latest ADAS calibration tools, including advanced diagnostic equipment and software, as well as specialized cameras and sensors for precise calibration. This technology enables our technicians to accurately calibrate ADAS systems to manufacturer specifications.

Our Process

Accuracy is essential when performing an ADAS calibration. Our four-step process was developed to ensure precision and accuracy every time. Each vehicle that comes into our facility for calibrations is taken through this process in its entirety to guarantee all ADAS features are fully operational, and the vehicle is safe to return to the road.

Step One - Pre-Calibration Diagnostic Scan

a. Identify ADAS systems on each vehicle
b. Identify what ADAS Systems were affected by the accident
c. Identify what ADAS Systems were affected by the repair process

Step Two - Wheel Alignment Verification

a. Validate Tire Pressure
b. Thrust Line Verification
c. Initial structural measurement
d. Validate ride height
e. Confirm steering angle sensor
f. Perform any necessary repairs

Step Three - Calibration

a. Validate Fuel Level (Compensation weight added when not a full tank)
b. Validate Ride Height
c. Vehicle calibration(s)
d. Test Drive
e. Final health check/scan

Step Four - Health Check (Post Scan)

a. Complete post scan
b. Provide documented certification of calibration

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